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Short Handle Stainless Scraper Glass Cleaning Tool

Short Handle Stainless Scraper Glass Cleaning ToolThis Short Handle Stainless Scraper has a larger stainless steel edge. The comfort-to-grip plastic short handle gives user more control while cleaning and scrapping, making sure the best protection and safty of the film and window.  It can be wrapped in Super Pre Towel or microfiber cloth to work as a squeegee for water or bubble squeezing when tinting and wrapping. Edge sharpeness can be maintained by using sandpaper.

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How to Remove Car Tint

Removing window tint yourself risks scratching and other damage, but this can be avoided if you’re patient and cautious. Don’t try to improvise or use a shortcut, especially on the difficult rear window. That said, if you do learn how to remove your tint, you can save quite a bit of money.

Removing Tint with Steam

Find a clothes steamer or similar tool.Careful use of steam can remove the tint in one piece, instead of separating it into layers. Some professional mechanics use a clothes steamer, which you can find for a fairly cheap price at a department store. You can try using a clothes iron on steam setting instead. If you only have a heat gun or a hair dryer, using the “household objects” method below is recommended instead.

  • A few modern, metal-based tints cannot be removed by steam. Use the methods below instead if this doesn’t work out.
Heat one corner of the tint. Use the steamer to heat the inside surface of the window in one corner of the tint, for at least thirty seconds. Note that most windows are surrounded by a black band and dotted outline, which are not part of the tint. (These are both “frit,” or a baked ceramic glass that protects the adhesive between the glass and the car frame.[1])

  • Steamers and clothes irons typically need a few seconds to heat up before you can start steaming.
Peel the corner with a fingernail.Work the corner you were heating with your fingernail. If it doesn’t come off, apply heat for another thirty to sixty seconds and try again. Stop immediately and reheat if the tint separates and leaves a layer of tint on the glass.

  • You can make a small cut with a razor blade as a last resort, but avoid scratching the surrounding frit. If the tint can’t be lifted even after cutting, your tint may not be steam-removable. Try one of the methods below instead.
Slowly heat and peel the tint. Steam or heat the tint next to the corner you just detached, for at least a few seconds. Gently pull the tint a short distance, peeling off the heated area. Repeat slowly and methodically with each new section of tint. This may take a while, but don’t be tempted to speed up. If you pull too fast or before heating, the tint can tear or separate into layers, making it much more difficult to remove.
Clean up the window.Once the tint has peeled off in one piece, use window cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe off any adhesive remaining on the window.

  • If the tint tore and left small pieces on the window, heat it and peel it off using the same method. If the piece is nowhere near the rear window defroster lines, you can wet the area with soapy water and scrape it off with a razor blade instead.
  • If the tint separated, removing one layer of tint but leaving a second on the window, you can try to repeat this method, but may need to take the car to a professional.
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Car Window Tinting Options

Car Window Tinting Options Selecting the right film for your windows is key

One Size Fits All?:

One Size Fits All? You know you want to take the leap and get your car’s window’s tinted, but your decisions don’t stop there. You’ll actually have to choose the window film that works best for you . Here’s a quick overview of your choices.

SunTek High Performance:

SunTek High Performance SunTek window films mean keeping the heat out of your car day after day. It can also reduce the glare you see. It comes in a charcoal shade that makes your car look amazing, and it includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

3M Crystalline:

3M Crystalline Ready to reduce the heat in your car by up to 60%? Looking to block 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays? Then the 3M Crystalline film product for you . It reduces glare, never turns purples, and keeps your vehicle’s original appearance intact. It even enhances your visibility at night.

SunTek Carbon XP:

SunTek Carbon XP If you want to go with the latest window film technology , this is absolutely the way to go. SunTek Carbon XP is the hottest development in non-metal, nano -hybrid, carbon technology. It includes a non-reflective, non-fading black finish, and it won’t interfere with your phone, GPS, or even your radio.

3M Color Stable Technology:

3M Color Stable Technology The 3M Color Stable product can block up to 99% of UV rays and reduces the heat in your car up to 57%. It, too, never turns purple, and it’s made from a revolutionary material called nano -carbon polyester. It offers serious color stability few others do.

Paint Protection Films:

Paint Protection Films Window tinting is awesome, but customizing your car is better . 3M Scotschprint 1080 – A cast-wrap film, this whole series comes in amazing colors as well as brushed metal and a carbon fiber look. You can use it immediately without an overlaminate . Suntek Paint Protection Film – Keep your car safe from rocks, salt, and even insects with this product. It’s scratch and crack resistant and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Making the Choice:

Making the Choice Having your car’s windows tinted or paint protection film applied can mean real benefits. When you are ready and have made your window film choice , turn to Cactus Window Tinting for the best job in the business.
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Auto Tinting Scraper Gator Blade I Chizler Tool

Auto Tinting Scraper Gator Blade I Chizler Tool

The “Gator Blade” is as sharp as they come, but won’t scratch or damage the film. Safer and easier to use than razors, the Gator Blade is fast becoming the favorite everywhere. This handy scraper can be sued for cleaning glass, removing excess adhesive and scraping off decals. Gator Blades are available in two unique shapes, both featuring an easy-grip ribbed construction that makes them easy to hang on to, and reduces installation fatigue.

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1Pair Black Kneecap Full with EVA Sponge Protecting Leg

1Pair Black Kneecap Full with EVA Sponge Protecting Leg

An auxiliary tool to provides protection to tinters when they do tinting works.The soft and elastic lining ensure the

comefort and improve tinters’ working efficiency.If you want to prevent your legs from damage and improve your tinting

efficiency,just choose this one,it will never let you down.

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1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation

1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation

This spray bottle get a design with an extended nozzle to reach those tricky gaps and overall durability have this pump-up

sprayer becoming a window film industry favorite. Hard wearing and long lasting.

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Red Heavy Duty Scraper Glass Removal Tool

Red Heavy Duty Scraper Glass Removal Tool

The Heavy Duty Scraper is used in the first phase of glass tinting preparation, especially in the removal of old film. Tinter can also use this Heavy Duty Scraper for those tough scraping jobs that require a more rugged blade. The handle allows for easy blade changing and secure holding and features a protective blade cover. Just be careful when using for compound-curved glass because of its blade length and inability.

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9″ Gray Pastic Quick Foot Squeegee Window Tint Tool

9" Gray Pastic Quick Foot Squeegee Window Tint Tool

The Quick Foot Squeegee is an essential car window film application tool achieving bubble free. With tapered edge, the Quick Foot Squeegee makes your hard to reach installs easier. Unlike rigid plastic applicators this flexible tool can be used to work on the hard to reach places of your wrap or tint install. Tough and durable so they can be used again and again.

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Heavy-duty Heat Gun Holder Stand for Auto Wrapping and Tinting

Heavy-duty Heat Gun Holder Stand for Auto Wrapping and Tinting

Heavy-duty Heat Gun Holder Stand for Auto Wrapping and Tinting

The tool stand is a hands free solution for using Heat Gun. The heavy-duty heat gun holder stand consists of two round heat-resistant high-density plastic bases. Supported by a powerful stainless steel prop and a detachable glass holder, the tool stand is to use and protect tiniters or any others tools and material from burning. Tintiers can also adjust the upper base to reach an appropriate operation.

To buy this cheap window tint tool, please go the best car window film tools shop



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How to Care and Maintain Your Car Window Films

It is quite common to find a slight haziness and/or small water pockets after the film was applied to your car or home windows. This is usually called curing. It is a necessary part of the adhesive bonding process.

For car window, it takes about 3 or 7 days for the film to be fully cured. While for home or commercial windows, it may take up to 30 days. How long the film is fully cured is completely according to the film type and weather conditions.

It takes a time for the remaining water used in installation to evaporate through the film. So the curing process is slow. Sputtered and heavy security films take the longest to dry and will take longer for any hazy appearance to disappear.

You can only clean your car or home windows after films are dry and cured. The best cleaner is a simple solution of water and a small amount of soap. Just put them altogether into a window tinting sprayer, then clean with towel and squeegee dry with window tinting handled squeegee.

You may also clean the film surface with any normal strength glass cleaner. Products with ammonia will not damage the film if used in reasonable quantities and if the film is not left to soak in it.

Do not use any abrasive cleaners, industrial strength glass cleaners and/or any other window cleaning tools that may scratch the window film. Remember, the surface of the film is coated with a scratch resistant not scratch proof coating.

If you want to buy a professional kit to clean your car window, you can go to the best window tint tools wholesale store!

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