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Dad Four Of Cars With Metallic Tints

When I complained he said the guy had been there first. I got the hint and left. I will never be back to this place. Aside from the rude treatment, I want to dispel this metallic vs. non-metallic scam. Metallic tint is not made of metal. It has metallic particles. Just like the paint on your car. Your GPS/XM/FM antenna is outside your car window tint installation spray bottle. The tint has zero effect. With the amount of cell towers that are out, no one really has issues with signal in cars or buildings for that matter. Metallic tint does not deteriorate signal strength to any degree that will impact your everyday use. I have had four cars with metallic tints (including the one I just had done somewhere else) and I have zero reception problems. Don’t be a sucker. Reject merchants that treat you like one.Wonderful service! I decided to wait a few weeks before writing a review just so I may test the tinting. I would recommend auto car window film tinting tools to anyone in the area, friends and family included!They talk the talk they do not deliver. They up sell, explain and convince. With my first car, it was just a fine job. With the second car, I paid for the top line. I get a horrible job. Went back, then you see the Car Window Film Tint Tools unreliable greedy manager and owner. They make me angry with their lame excuses, asking me to come back when they are not busy. I paid almost $500.

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