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Please visit this place, it’s absolutely amazing.Hugo did an excellent job at tinting my new 2016 Honda Civic. He took his time explaining my options and the benefits of each level. The price of Window Tinting Tools is fair and I was in and out in less than an hour. Thanks so much, looks great! This is the 2nd car I’ve had them tint with excellent results.I had a car tinted here several years ago and they did a good job. Unfortunately, this place has changed. This place is all about the upsell now. They sell good quality metallic tints for $129 but they trash them as soon as you ask for this option. Metallic tints are resistant to fading over time as well as the most effective at reflecting harmful rays and Window Tinting Blades. This shop, however, claims that this product has a tendency to cause interference with electronics, GPS, radio reception ect. Why? Because they want to charge you $300 for a carbon tint job. When I told the sales guy (a short foul little man with a heavy accent) I wanted metallic tint he frowned and said in a very loud voice “so you want the metallic tint despite the fact that it interferes with all of your electronics?” I smiled and said yes. He turned his back and walked away. He basically ignored me for the next 20 minutes and dealt with other customers while I waited. He even placed another guy ahead of me who had arrived after me.

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