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Monthly Archives: February 2016

1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation

This spray bottle get a design with an extended nozzle to reach those tricky gaps and overall durability have this pump-up sprayer becoming a window film industry favorite. Hard wearing and long lasting.

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Red Heavy Duty Scraper Glass Removal Tool

The Heavy Duty Scraper is used in the first phase of glass tinting preparation, especially in the removal of old film. Tinter can also use this Heavy Duty Scraper for those tough scraping jobs that require a more rugged blade. The handle allows for easy blade changing and secure holding and features a protective blade [...]

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9″ Gray Pastic Quick Foot Squeegee Window Tint Tool

The Quick Foot Squeegee is an essential car window film application tool achieving bubble free. With tapered edge, the Quick Foot Squeegee makes your hard to reach installs easier. Unlike rigid plastic applicators this flexible tool can be used to work on the hard to reach places of your wrap or tint install. Tough and [...]

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