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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Car Vinyl Installation Tool Stainless Steel Tweezers with Flat and Round Tips

The precision Stainless Steel Tweezers  with Flat and Round Tips are made from highly polished stainless steel with healthy plastics. The stainless steel flat and round tips allow tinters to retrieve tiny pieces of film, remove debris from the adhesive side of vinyl, and to hold small edges while cutting with the razor.

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How to Choose a Window Tint Installer

Most areas, local or otherwise, have an abundance of tint shop stores. It is important that you learn what makes one tint job better than the other. Research and compile a list of a few local tint shops that would most likely do good work. Ask your friends and neighbors who have tinted their cars [...]

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Automotive Bulldozer Handled Squeegee for Front and Rear Windows Tinting

Just like handled Scrubber squeegee, the Automotive Handled Bulldozer Squeegee helps professional tinter to clean up and get at the place difficult to reach while applying films. Designed with an ergonomic handle, this bulldozer squeegee makes it easier to hold and avoids hand fatigue or injury effectively. The long bulldozer-style body is larger and stronger [...]

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Tinting Windows

Whether it’s for keeping the sun and heat out, or for privacy on the road or when parked, window tinting is a necessity in the sunshine states and a popular option for drivers everywhere. Why tint? Reduced heat. Reducing heat and UV radiation entering your vehicle adds life to the interior and prevents fabric from [...]

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9″ Blue Pastic Tinting Quick Foot Squeegee

The Quick Foot Squeegee is an essential car window film application tool achieving bubble free. With tapered edge, the Quick Foot Squeegee makes your hard to reach installs easier. Unlike rigid plastic applicators this flexible tool can be used to work on the hard to reach places of your wrap or tint install. Tough and [...]

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Short Handle Stainless Scraper Glass Cleaning Tool

This Short Handle Stainless Scraper has a larger stainless steel edge. The comfort-to-grip plastic short handle gives user more control while cleaning and scrapping, making sure the best protection and safty of the film and window.  It can be wrapped in Super Pre Towel or microfiber cloth to work as a squeegee for water or [...]

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How to Remove Car Tint

Removing window tint yourself risks scratching and other damage, but this can be avoided if you’re patient and cautious. Don’t try to improvise or use a shortcut, especially on the difficult rear window. That said, if you do learn how to remove your tint, you can save quite a bit of money. Removing Tint with [...]

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Car Window Tinting Options

Car Window Tinting Options Selecting the right film for your windows is key One Size Fits All?: One Size Fits All? You know you want to take the leap and get your car’s window’s tinted, but your decisions don’t stop there. You’ll actually have to choose the window film that works best for you . [...]

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Auto Tinting Scraper Gator Blade I Chizler Tool

The “Gator Blade” is as sharp as they come, but won’t scratch or damage the film. Safer and easier to use than razors, the Gator Blade is fast becoming the favorite everywhere. This handy scraper can be sued for cleaning glass, removing excess adhesive and scraping off decals. Gator Blades are available in two unique [...]

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1Pair Black Kneecap Full with EVA Sponge Protecting Leg

An auxiliary tool to provides protection to tinters when they do tinting works.The soft and elastic lining ensure the comefort and improve tinters’ working efficiency.If you want to prevent your legs from damage and improve your tinting efficiency,just choose this one,it will never let you down.

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