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Vehicle Graphic Wrap Training Testimonial by Juan Castro

Realizing how profitable vehicle graphic wraps is becoming, Juan Castro trained at’s professional Vehicle Graphic Wraps training course to learn more about how to install vehicle graphic wraps. The little hesitation he had at the beginning of class was quickly went away as he began working with’s expert Vehicle Graphic Wraps instructor. “The teacher was a great mentor. He explained in detail all the wrapping work and it was comfortable to work with him,” said Juan.

After completing the vehicle graphic wraps class at, Juan encourages everyone and anyone interested in the industry to learn more about’s training. Seeing the value of his training and the profit he’ll be able to earn, Juan closes with, “You should try it and you’ll be glad you tried.”

If you’re interested in adding window tinting to your business or starting an entirely new business, click here to learn more.

Window Tint Tools with Teflon Card Supplies:

I live in the Bay area, San Francisco and I’m taking this vehicle wrap class at I was searching online and i saw a lot of videos that I put my attention on it, thats the reason I’m here taking the classes and wrapping cars or wrapping vehicles is a big thing right now.

In the beginning I was kind of scared because it’s a lot of details in wrapping work but right now I’m capable to do that. The teacher was a great mentor. He explained in detail all the wrapping work and it was comfortable to work with him.

Yes, it was worth it to travel from San Francisco to San Diego to take this vehicle wrap class with Window Tinting Scrubber and I would do it again if I can. Anybody who wants to wrap vehicles and work in this business, anybody can take those classes. I think you should take those classes vehicle wrap class because right now it’s very good marketing, if anybody drives a car you can put your logo there and people would see it, it’s good for their business and it’s easy. You should try it and you’ll be glad you tried.

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Dad Four Of Cars With Metallic Tints

When I complained he said the guy had been there first. I got the hint and left. I will never be back to this place. Aside from the rude treatment, I want to dispel this metallic vs. non-metallic scam. Metallic tint is not made of metal. It has metallic particles. Just like the paint on your car. Your GPS/XM/FM antenna is outside your car window tint installation spray bottle. The tint has zero effect. With the amount of cell towers that are out, no one really has issues with signal in cars or buildings for that matter. Metallic tint does not deteriorate signal strength to any degree that will impact your everyday use. I have had four cars with metallic tints (including the one I just had done somewhere else) and I have zero reception problems. Don’t be a sucker. Reject merchants that treat you like one.Wonderful service! I decided to wait a few weeks before writing a review just so I may test the tinting. I would recommend auto car window film tinting tools to anyone in the area, friends and family included!They talk the talk they do not deliver. They up sell, explain and convince. With my first car, it was just a fine job. With the second car, I paid for the top line. I get a horrible job. Went back, then you see the Car Window Film Tint Tools unreliable greedy manager and owner. They make me angry with their lame excuses, asking me to come back when they are not busy. I paid almost $500.

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Please visit this place, it’s absolutely amazing.Hugo did an excellent job at tinting my new 2016 Honda Civic. He took his time explaining my options and the benefits of each level. The price of Window Tinting Tools is fair and I was in and out in less than an hour. Thanks so much, looks great! This is the 2nd car I’ve had them tint with excellent results.I had a car tinted here several years ago and they did a good job. Unfortunately, this place has changed. This place is all about the upsell now. They sell good quality metallic tints for $129 but they trash them as soon as you ask for this option. Metallic tints are resistant to fading over time as well as the most effective at reflecting harmful rays and Window Tinting Blades. This shop, however, claims that this product has a tendency to cause interference with electronics, GPS, radio reception ect. Why? Because they want to charge you $300 for a carbon tint job. When I told the sales guy (a short foul little man with a heavy accent) I wanted metallic tint he frowned and said in a very loud voice “so you want the metallic tint despite the fact that it interferes with all of your electronics?” I smiled and said yes. He turned his back and walked away. He basically ignored me for the next 20 minutes and dealt with other customers while I waited. He even placed another guy ahead of me who had arrived after me.

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A Superb Tinting Work On My Car

Very professional and  they did a superb work on my car. Highly recommend!Great service, I was helped by Hugo. He was very knowledgeable and helped me pick the right tints for my car. I will be coming back to get my taillights tinted.Don’t pass this place up. Made an appointment the day before and was happily greeted the day of.  Ariel was friendly, patient, and thoroughly explained all the pros and cons of the products they offered. He gave me all the knowledge I needed and let me make the choice for Window Tint Squeegees. He wasn’t pushy, but instead very upfront about everything. I took my Mitsubishi Evolution here which already had tints, he was able to safely remove them without damaging anything, even the rear defogger, and installed the new tints, all within about 1.5hrs. After the installation he took the car outside and let it sit, then gave it a final inspection. He also taped my window controls so I wouldn’t hit them by accident. He then explained how my purchase came with a nationwide lifetime warranty. I couldn’t ask for a more professional, friendly experience paint protection film tools.

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Various Window Tint Tools We Offer

If you’re looking to tint your car on the cheap, just plaster some dark scotch tape on your windows and call it a day. If you want it done right, go talk to these guys.First of all, everyone at this Auto Window Tint Tools operates at a very high level of professionalism, which I rarely find at most car-related service shops. They take their time to make sure the job is done right instead of just getting you in and out the door as quickly as possible to get to the next customer.Both Paul and Ariel spent time explaining the difference between the various films they offer, and showed me what it looks like on their own cars.I am extremely picky, so when the job was done, I went through every inch of the glass and pointed out every little thing that seemed suspicious to me. They assured me that the tiny bubbles are just water, which will evaporate as it dries (true), and took the car back into the shop for a few minutes to iron out a tiny crease, which was barely visible, but I knew it would bug me later.The quality of the work was absolutely superb. I’m very happy with the way the Car Window Tint Squeegee looks and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get a quality tint job on their car.

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High-quality Tints Aren’t Always a Dark Shade

As with the dot matrix, your rear window’s defroster is 3D. Any excess gap where the tint is firmly affixed to the window will become an excellent starting point for bubbles to form and expand over time. You want to make sure the tint is pressed as tightly against the defroster as possible.
Don’t automatically assume that a dark tint has the best heat-blocking properties. While the car is in the sun, put one hand directly in the sun and one hand behind the window, so you can feel the difference. So this is the window film with paint protection film tools.Yes, as a general rule, the darker the tint, the greater the heat reduction, but a high-quality ceramic tint like Huper Optik or a spectrally selective tint like 3M’s Crystalline line is more efficient, meaning a lighter shade can still be more effective than a dark shade of the cheap stuff.

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Car Vinyl Installation Tool Stainless Steel Tweezers with Flat and Round Tips

Car Vinyl Installation Tool Stainless Steel Tweezers with Flat and Round Tips

The precision Stainless Steel Tweezers  with Flat and Round Tips are made from highly polished stainless steel with healthy plastics. The stainless steel flat and round tips allow tinters to retrieve tiny pieces of film, remove debris from the adhesive side of vinyl, and to hold small edges while cutting with the razor.

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How to Choose a Window Tint Installer

Most areas, local or otherwise, have an abundance of tint shop stores. It is important that you learn what makes one tint job better than the other. Research and compile a list of a few local tint shops that would most likely do good work. Ask your friends and neighbors who have tinted their cars which tint shops they have used.


  1. Find out how long they have been in business at this location
  • Good tint shops prosper despite local competition by offering good service at reasonable prices.
  • Find a tint shop that has been in business for 5 or more years at the same location. This shows a stable business that will be there years down the road if somehow the tint goes bad.
  • Often times, successful tint shops open car tinting branches in neighboring cities. Although the installers of the branches may not be the master tint of the bunch, since opening new shops means training new employees; however, branches are a sure sign of a successful tinting business.

Inquire about the types of film they carry, and what type of warranty they offer.

  • Quality tint shops carry complete lines of window film from one or multiple window film manufacturers. They should carry dyed, hybrid, and metallic in a variety of colors and darkness. Beware of tint shops that only carry one or two lines of film, and sells them aggressively. They may have acquired this film on sale, and may not be thinking of your unique requirements and concerns.
  • The warranty on the car tint varies depending on the window film you choose. Try to install only window film backed with a lifetime warranty for materials and labor. Most films don’t guarantee color and fading, it is recommended that you also choose one that does.
  • For the warranty to take effect, check out the window tint laws for your state. Illegal tint can nullify any manufacturer’s warranty. When you purchase your tint, be sure sure you get a manufacturer’s warranty card from the dealer with the date, the window film used on each window, and the total cost of installation as well as the receipt.

Try to visit a few tint shops to see a sample of their work.

  • Tint shops can sound like the best shop on the phone, but 15 minutes on-site should tell you all you need to know.
  •  Good dealers pay attention to customer service. They should be happy and willing to spend the time to talk to you and explain how their shops work. Remember, if they don’t spend time with you now, they might not spend time with you when something goes wrong with your tint job down the road.
  • A tint shop’s work area should be indoors and clean. Their tools and window films are organized in a professional manner. If the tint shop is outdoors or in a parking lot, this is a negative since it is critical to remove all dust and dirt from the windows before applying window film.
  • Take a look at a car they have already tinted, and look at the rear window. Is the window film applied in a single piece or is it cut into strips that surround the defroster lines. The best tint shops always apply film in a single piece. Look at the borders of the rear window, in many cars there is a black ‘frit’ edge on the window, Make sure the window film is securely attached to the frit as well.
  • Look for slices in window gasket material inside and out.
  • Look for nicks in the paint around the windows.
  • Pay attention to side-windows. The window film should be applied to the inside and be completely flush against all 4 edges of the window. Now look at the window film itself. Don’t worry if the film looks slightly streaky and discolored, window film takes a couple weeks to dry out and become completely clear. If there are bubbles of air under the film or the film itself is not complete flat against the window, this is a sure sign of sloppy tinting.

Get price quotes from a few dealers for the exact darkness, color, and type of window film you want. Never compromise because there are plenty of other dealers out there that will offer your perfect tint. With these price quotes and your research on each tint shop, make the decision.

Make your decision and then remember to make an appointment with the tint shop before you tint your car. Even if they say “drop-ins accepted” or “bring it over any time”, you want your tinter to be calm and prepared for you when you arrive. Tinting may take a couple hours to half a day, so either arrange a ride or go to a nearby coffee shop with a good book. Enjoy!





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Automotive Bulldozer Handled Squeegee for Front and Rear Windows Tinting

Automotive Bulldozer Handled Squeegee for Front and Rear Windows TintingJust like handled Scrubber squeegee, the Automotive Handled Bulldozer Squeegee helps professional tinter to clean up and get at the place difficult to reach while applying films. Designed with an ergonomic handle, this bulldozer squeegee makes it easier to hold and avoids hand fatigue or injury effectively. The long bulldozer-style body is larger and stronger enough to clean every corner of the rear and front windows, such as behind speakers and  brake lights in a the rear deck areas and into the bottom of very low angle rear windows. Made of high-quality vinyl material, the surface of this Automotive Bulldozer handled Squeegee is safe and flexible to remove dust and squeegee water, making you a perfect tinting job.

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Tinting Windows

Whether it’s for keeping the sun and heat out, or for privacy on the road or when parked, window tinting is a necessity in the sunshine states and a popular option for drivers everywhere.

Why tint?

Reduced heat. Reducing heat and UV radiation entering your vehicle adds life to the interior and prevents fabric from weakening and plastic trim from fading and cracking. Because tinted windows block heat from the sun, having them improves the performance of your air conditioner and in turn improves fuel economy. Tinted windows filter out about 80 percent of solar heat, versus less than 30 percent for non-tinted windows.

Reduced glare and UV exposure. Glare through side windows can be distracting to forward vision, and it can lead to eyestrain and fatigue on longer drives. Sunburn can also be an issue for some people. Non-tinted windows typically filter out less than 30 percent of UV light, while darker tinted windows will filter out 95 percent or more.

Increased security. Window tinting makes it more difficult to see your occupants and belongings inside your vehicle, so it’s safe to say that your chances of being targeted for a crime are lessened.

How is tinting done?

There are three major ways to achieve tinted windows:

OEM tinted glass is tinted within the glass, as part of the actual glassmaking process. It lasts the life of the glass. OEM tinted glass usually has only a mild tint that is legal even in the most stringent areas. Keep in mind that OEM tinted glass may be more expensive to replace in a collision.

Film tinting is by far the most popular aftermarket method. A thin tinted polymer film is applied very carefully to specially prepared window glass. The film is available in many different shades of tint and outward appearances, such as flat, reflective, metallic, or even mirrored. Advantages of film tinting are that it’s very inexpensive, and installers claim that it also might help prevent glass from shattering in crashes. Disadvantages are that the film tinting will only typically last five years before cracking, peeling, and bubbling of the plastic film occurs, and also sometimes yellowing or degradation of the tinting itself. Removal of old window film is more difficult than the installation itself.

If you have a shop do the work, make sure they’re approved through an industry group such as the International Window Film Association (IWFA). Also, check that they always use the same brand of film (3M and Johnson are two of the major brands), and that they fully support the manufacturer’s warranty.

You might be tempted by tinted window films — the type available at discount auto parts stores and department stores — claiming easy “stick-on” installation and only requiring scissors or a razor blade for installation. Beware that these solutions sometimes end up with bubbles or wrinkles and rarely end up looking professional, and again, removal is usually more difficult than installation.

Coating tinting applies a special tinted solution to the existing glass, usually as a spray. This type of tint lasts much longer than film tinting, though there are few shops who do it for automotive glass because if properly done it requires removal of the window glass.

Why is window tinting regulated?

Dark-tinted front windows make it difficult for law enforcement to identify hit-and-run drivers, or to establish eye contact with suspects during traffic stops. They make it more dangerous for police, and easier for suspects to conceal weapons behind the tinted windows. Police in some areas of the country carry portable “tintmeters” to check windows that might be darker than the law allows.

How do you find out what’s allowed in your state?

Most states have specific regulations on tinted windows, calling out maximum percentages for visible light transmission and reflectivity. Sunshine states tend to have rules that are more tolerant of deep-tinted windows—and even allow some measure of driver’s side window tinting—though there are exceptions to this rule. The regulations vary drastically by state, so check with your local installer for more information. Click here for a chart with the specific state-by-state rules, provided by the IFWA. The installer should be able to provide you with a product information sheet that has numbers to compare with what’s allowed.

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