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5 Ways to Maintain Your Car Wrap in Summer

Summer months are known for having the longest and hottest days of the year. During this time, the amount of UV exposure increases significantly. An extended amount of UV exposure is the greatest enemy to your vehicle wrap. In these hot weather months, your vehicle is going to be susceptible to damage caused by environmental factors. Protect your investment from damage by following the steps below:

1.Keep it Covered

The best way to protect your vinyl vehicle wrap from the sun is to keep it covered! Try to park in the shade as much as possible when you’re driving around town. Keep your wrapped vehicle under a carport, in a garage, or under shade trees when you’re parking at home. For consistent and reliable protection, consider buying a car cover and using it as frequently as possible to protect your wrapped vehicle at all times. This care and attention will leave your wrap vibrant and looking like new for up to seven years!

2. Frequently Wash Your Car

One of the easiest ways to maintain your wrap during the summer is by washing it once a week. Remember, your wrap isn’t indestructible, and even the thorough scrubbing of a car wash can damage it. So, when it’s time to wash your car, do it by hand and with a soft sponge.

3.Add an Extra Layer of Protection

If you live in an area with extremely high temperatures, ask your wrap specialist about a special vinyl coating that will protect your vehicle from UV rays. Certain polishes and waxes can also be applied to help your wrap resist sunlight and heat. To add the extra layer, wrap shops may make the use of  Tint Tools, Car Wrap Tools and ppf squeegee.


4.Consider a Sealant or Ceramic Coating

You can have a paint/vinyl sealant or ceramic coating applied to your vehicle for ultimate protection. Sealants and ceramic coatings should be professionally installed over your wrap for the best results. These protective layers often have the added benefit of making your vehicle’s top layer hydrophobic, making it easier to keep your vehicle free of dirt and dust and easier to dry after washing. These hydrophobic properties also protect your car from tiny dirt particles in rain and splashes from the road.

5.Repair Any Damage Immediately

Damage from rocks, wear and tear, and other road hazards can wreak havoc on your vinyl wrap. While professionally-installed vinyl wraps are highly durable, holes or other damage can seriously affect the integrity of your wrap and even threaten damage to the underlying paint or finish. When you notice damage, take your car to a reputable vinyl wrap installer to see if the wrap needs to be repaired or replaced.

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Varieties of Car Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is a valuable service that can improve your business’s aesthetics. When it comes to wrapping your vehicle, there are countless ways that you can do it. Most car wraps are made from vinyl and can be removed easily without damaging your car. They can also protect the original car paintwork. Brand It Wrap It offers high-quality vehicle wraps in various styles and finishes. Let’s go over some of the common types of car wraps. It’s common for car owners to believe that professionals in wrap shops are familiar with  Film Installation Tools, vehicle wrap tools and paint protection film tools.

Colour Flip Wraps
Recently, vinyl wrap manufacturers came up with a new type of vinyl wraps, – colour flip wraps. These wraps feature not one solid colour, but a combination of multiple colours, that change depending on the angle you look at the car. Colour flip wraps have to be handled very carefully, as they are directional. Depending on the material orientation, different hue will be more or less pronounced. An installer has to keep this nature of material in mind, and instal all pieces unidirectionally. If mishandled, a colour will not be flowing in one direction, and it might look like parts of the car are wrapped in different colours. It is a definite show stopper when installed properly!

Chrome Wraps
Chrome wraps are great for those that want a flashy, chrome-plated car but can not afford the real thing. The most obvious benefit about this type of wrap is you get the stunning chrome effect without the price tag. But, there is another key benefit. Because chrome wraps reflect sunlight, they also prevent your car from absorbing too much heat. Thus, your car won’t get so scorching hot in the summertime. However, this type of wrap is heavier than others and is more difficult to apply, so you should always contact a professional wrap installer to help you.

Avery recently introduced a new line of finishes for those who are not afraid to stand out. Diamond wraps are gloss wraps with an extreme amount of sparkles! Diamond wraps reflect a lot of light, and sparkles shine in the sunlight making your car turn heads and stop traffic. You might want to wear sunglasses when looking at it on a summer day!

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Maintaining Vinyl

Paint is much higher-maintenance than vinyl, across the board. Paint wears out faster if you don’t wash it regularly and cover it with a protective coat of wax. Left unwashed, auto paint takes micro particles and pollutants into its “pores”, which breaks it down over time.
Vinyl is easy to maintain: Wash it normally or just wipe it with a wet cloth. Vinyl doesn’t allow microscopic dust to embed itself in the surface, so if you miss a few washings, the vinyl will be fine.

The best way to ensure a wrap will last is to keep the car in a garage. If you don’t have a garage, invest in a good car cover. You should handwash the car with soft microfiber towels. Sometimes, Film Installation ToolsBody Wrap Tools and paint protection film installers may be needed.

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Wrapping a Truck

There are some amongst us who like to express themselves. For many of us, we express ourselves through our words, our interests, or our styles. When it comes to truck enthusiasts, some like to express themselves through their vehicles. Tint Tools Online that wrap shops need are available to them.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, there’s a large number of truck owners who don’t want to drive around with a boring factory paint job. They want to make a truly lasting impression, and while a new paint job can cost a pretty penny, applying a quality vehicle wrap can be a worthwhile alternative.

Vinyl wrapping a food truck gives the business a 24-hour advertising platform no matter if it’s driving down the road or parked at an event. In some markets, a food truck wrap can generate as many as 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day. Vinyl wrapping tools can be an affordable part of the marketing budget for a food truck. By incorporating a custom vinyl wrap, vendors will add an eye-catching graphic that will attract customers to the food truck.

Custom vinyl wraps are versatile and can fit any shape vehicle. The design is done digitally so it can be seen on the computer screen before it ever makes it to the vehicle. If the logo placement gets cut off by a window or door, the issue can easily be fixed before the wrapping stage. Even the windows can be wrapped with vinyl using paint protection film installation tool that is perforated so the driver can see, and still give the appearance of being fully covered.

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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

The costs of tinting car windows can vary greatly, depending on the type of tint and on the size of the windows being treated. Although the window tinting equipment for sale does not cost the most, it’s also important to remember that darker tints usually cost more than lighter tint jobs. Shops can also tint just one or a few windows on a vehicle, such as to provide privacy for back-seat passengers.

The average tinting for a passenger car is in the range of $250 to $600 for standard, non-reflective film. For high-performance ceramic or metallic film, it can cost upwards of $800, with skilled operation of car window tint scraper tools. The type of vehicle also plays a role. Trucks have fewer windows, so they are slightly cheaper at an average of $350. SUVs and minivans are the most expensive due to their number of windows and window height. The range for these vehicles are $250-$750.

If you’re thinking of tinting windows at home, you can do it for as little as $50 or so, but you are required to prepare car window film tint tools and it can be a tedious process that really tests your patience and ability not to blurt out four-letter words.


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Does Ceramic Auto Tint Reduce Heat?

Does ceramic tint reduce heat?

Ceramic tint, on the other hand, is nano-layered with ceramic AND carbon properties both of which block 99.99% of UV rays and reduce IR heat by nearly 60%. You’ll feel a HUGE difference when taking a drive that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

Professional tinters tools:

bondo spreader;

yellow turbo squeegee;

green turbo squeegee.

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Do Auto Window Tints Fade?

Do window tints fade?

The amount of time it takes for window tinting to fade and eventually break down depends on the type of tint used and how it was installed. Poor-quality window tinting can show signs of color fading under constant and intense sunlight in mere months.

Recommended tools:

Conqueror squeegee;

Pad plugs;

Gasket Push Stick.


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Does Tinting Windows Keep Car Cooler?

Does tinting windows keep car cooler?

Our car windows (especially the front windows) are designed to provide you a wide angle view of the outside.

However, it also allows maximum amount of solar energy to enter your car. …

Since window tint filters wavelengths from the sun that generates heat, it naturally keeps your car cooler during hot summers.


Bulldozer squeegee;

Pink window tint;

Turbo squeegee.

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What Percent Car Window tint should I get?

What percent car window tint should I get?

In most places, only the top four inches of the windshield can have any tint, but it is normally specified that it cannot be reflective.

A good rule of thumb for your side windows is to pick a tinting that will allow 35% of the visible light through.

However, you’ll find that in some states you can have more tinting.

Listing tools:

Retractable scraper

Do not roll down stickers;

Window tint tool.


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PPF Installation

Nissan GTR full wrap DYNO SHEILD STEK paint protection film

Llumar Formula One Pinnacle on a BMW M5 Competition Package!
Beautiful car!


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